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Group leader, Steven Strong says they are also also investigating a labyrinth of tunnels cut into the rock beneath the original set of engravings. The Most Popular Urban Mobility App in Sydney. The Bus fare to Gosford Glyphs costs about $2.24 - $5.05. In his view, this information, alongside the story deciphered in the Gosford Glyphs - about two high ranking Egyptians who were shipwrecked in this area over 4,500 years ago - points to a . The Gosford Glyphs (also called petroglyphs) are located near Kariong not far from Gosford on the New South Wales Central Coast. This page was last edited on 10 December 2021, at 01:21. Separately each of these non-wall artefacts deserve serious consideration, united they demand to be acknowledged. That claim is one that Egyptologist who have scholarly experience or education in translating and/or identifying glyphs have disproven several times. . They were first reported in 1975 by Alan Dash, a local surveyor who had been visiting the area for seven years. The sandstone rocks were huge, creating a tall corridor that we were told, once had a roof covering it. (n.d.). Dash continued to visit for five years and saw new glyphs whenever he visited. [6] Geologists have stated that the sandstone in which the hieroglyphs are carved erodes quickly and nearby 250-year-old Aborigine petroglyphs (Bulgandry Aboriginal Art Site) show considerably more erosion. In order to prove that these Proto-Egyptian glyphs are not graffiti, as claimed by various "Experts and Egyptologists, but are the written record left by pre-historic man, written in a coherent and understandable language that makes sense even 4,500 years later. [5] These are now generally dismissed as a hoax. Discover 40 Central Coast Bushwalks Perfect for Families! They have long been dismissed as fakes by authorities and academics since their discovery in the 1970s but there are still ongoing attempts to prove the theory they were carved by the ancient Egyptians. labyrinth of angular tunnels cut deep into the rock beneath the original set of engravings. [4] He translated most of the glyphs before he died in 2004. Or are they simply a decades-long prank? Oh mighty Khepera, this is not what the Oracle has said. He created most of the "translation" that we have, despite having no formal training in translating Egyptian/proto-Egyptian hieroglyphs. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people made up 3.6% of the population. Professor Ockinga says as much as he would like the glyphs to be genuine, there is no doubt they are fakes. Above and all around, and positioned within one kilometre of the walls, are hundreds of Original star markers. came from the temple of God in Penu, Egypt. In fact, Australian Egyptologist, Professor Naguib Kanawatifirmly believes the intricate set of hieroglyphs they are not authentic,saying how ancient hieroglyphs within the same panels were of widely different periods in history and some of them were even carved backward. Many Egyptologists have come to the consensus that the glyphs are fake because of inaccuracies/discrepancies in the glyphs. We hope you enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy writing it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Nevertheless, it is another anomaly that needs to be acknowledged and considered. Situated a considerable distance from the walls, and separated from the claims of what was supposed to be fraudulently concocted solely on those two walls, what was carved here is even more sensational. Are bills set to rise? Carefully find your way through the path in the scrub, then clamber up through the rocks to discover the glyphs on sandstone walls. [3][4], The Gosford Glyphs, which are a group of approximately 300 carvings which appear similar to Egyptian hieroglyphs carved into two parallel sandstone, are located in the area. [3] The glyphs were analyzed by many qualified experts and most, if not all, of them have come to the conclusion that the glyphs at Kariong are not genuine Egyptian hieroglyphs. The glyphs site at Kariong features almost 300 engravings on two large sandstone walls, which some believe contain examples of an early form of Egyptian writing. Kariong's boundaries include a considerable section of the Brisbane Water National Park to the south, and the Mount Penang Parklands, with its native gardens. It's likely that the glyphs were carved in the 1920s by Australian soldiers. Always praying, joyful, and smiting insects. The princes would have brought skilled scribes to do the carvings, so no matter how old the language being carved was(whether it was proto-Egyptian or Egyptian), the glyphs should be consistent to the style and craftsmanship of a trained scribe. This is where the fun really begins! The site is in the west Gosford suburb of Kariong off Woy Woy Road in the Brisbane Waters National Park approx 100 kms north of Sydney just off the F1 Freeway. The Australian Tribal Elders speak of their knowledge of being visited by Egyptians thousands of years ago. (2021). It is accessible by either the Lyre Trig fire trail across the road from the fire station or Bambara road (gated dirt road) further up. ", He suggested that the glyphs might have been made in the 1920s by Australian soldiers when there was general interest in ancient Egypt after the uncovering of the Tomb of Tutankhamun at that time. Gosford glyphs. Not only did they believe that they were authentic.but, they could begin to understand the story that the glyphs were telling us. We were also honored to be accompanied byStella Wheildon, who has been entrusted with the gift of the wisdom of the Ngarakwal traditional lore, given to her by Mrs Marlene Boyd, a direct bloodline to country descendant of the Seven Sisters Starlore the ancient matrilineal culture of traditions, lore and customs of the Bird Tribes of Australia. It is more,likely however that these rock carvings were created by railway workers in the 1930s. Team, A. C. (2017, November 16). More than 1,000 stone figures were discovered in a small Nigerian town, where they had been sitting for centuries. [4], Von Senff is one of the biggest supporters of the Gosford Glyphs being legitimate Egyptian carvings. She thinks it is a human bone. For another link to Egypt see our post on the Ku-ring-Gai Sphinx. 208 | The Ancient Egyptian Creation Story with Egyptologist Mohamed Ibrahim | Top Consciousness Podcast | Matt Belair. A bushwalk to Gosford Glyphs offers a fun family adventure with a dash of mystery thrown in! 2015, Gosford Glyphs Analysis. They seemed to be alive, and to speak to me from the distant past. It was not long before they were both bustling with enthusiasm over what they were discovering! [19] I counted and impounded the daggers of our men. This fact alone validates the script as genuine. Park your car here and follow the bush trail. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the lands where we live, learn, and work. [3] The Prince was kind and benevolent, follower of the SunGod Ra. Then prince Nefer-Djesed and the ship's crew mummified and buried Nefer-Ti-Ru in between the walls that the glyphs are carved on. [2] My fellow Egyptians call out from this place in this strange land for the god SUTI. Theres almost 300 of them! The idea that archaeologists, like professor Ockinga, would want to hide the truth about Egyptian visitors to Australia is unfounded and evidently false.[1]. The Kariong Hieroplyphs or Gosford Glyphs are pseudo-Egyptian Hieorglyphs, first found in 1975, their origin is unknown but they are believed to have been done not long before their discovery. 4. Steven Strong says the indigenous oral tradition, which is passed down from generation to generation, does accept there was an ancient Egyptian presence on this land. In other words symbols from Egyptian eras thousands of years apart have been grouped together. Hidden Inca Tours. [1], While rumours of Egyptian glyphs have existed since the 1920s, a spokesperson for the National Parks and Wildlife Service has said "The engravings are something we became aware of in the early 1980s, which is around the time the majority were thought to have been made. The most common responses for religion were No Religion 30.6%, Catholic 21.2% and Anglican 20.3%. Thats a chronological discrepancy, he said. Ancient Code is a website founded in 2012 that covers articles and scientific discoveries that help understand humanitys past, present, and future. He says this was also around the same time many Australian soldiers, who were stationed in Egypt, had come back from the First World War. The site includes an engraved Ankh, an essential accompaniment to Thoth, placed alongside an Ibis footprint (Thoth's recent animal counterpart) and the 'River of Life'. On this large platform, Strong and his team saw a fish, serpent, massive dolphin or whale, circles and a variety of shapes and symbols. Layer by Layer: A Mexico City Culinary Adventure, Sacred Granaries, Kasbahs and Feasts in Morocco, Monster of the Month: The Hopkinsville Goblins, Writing the Food Memoir: A Workshop With Gina Rae La Cerva, Reading the Urban Landscape With Annie Novak, How to Grow a Dye Garden With Aaron Sanders Head, Making Scents: Experimental Perfumery With Saskia Wilson-Brown, Indigenous Desserts of Turtle Island With Mariah Gladstone, University of Massachusetts Entomology Collection, The Frozen Banana Stands of Balboa Island, The Paratethys Sea Was the Largest Lake in Earths History, How Communities Are Uncovering Untold Black Histories, The Medieval Thieves Who Used Cats, Apes, and Turtles as Accomplices. [18] We walled in the side entrance to the chamber. Whats the Significance of the Worldwide Monoliths. [5] I myself am hardened, have gone around hills and deserts. Then, Nefer-Ti-Ru was bitten by a snake twice and died from the poison. Distance: Two hours will give you plenty of time for the 3km return trip. They can be cheeky, nippy, and playful but these camels are also helping put a business on the map, Sherpa are world famous for their work, which is synonymous with their name. Ignoring, for the time being, the credentials of what is or isnt engraved on the two walls, there is a bounty of evidence that validates Darkinjung Elder, Aunty Beve Spiers, declaration that not only are some of the Kariong glyphs Egyptian, but there are other glyphs which are of an older tradition that are not Egyptian and were made by our people. He will only receive the most purest fruit. "It has been carved," he said. The NAISDA Dance College, a performing arts training college for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from all over Australia, is based in the Mount Penang Parklands in Kariong. I reassured him while Rudi and I continued to examine the glyphs - some which looked more worn than others - and the nearby shaft. Donald Trump releases song with Jan 6 defendants as he vows to forge on with 2024 presidential campaign, Protests break out in Iran as more schoolgirls hospitalised after suspected poisoning, With Russian forces closing, Svyat rolled the dice in the last days before Bakhmut fell, China should pursue 'peaceful reunification' to resolve 'Taiwan question', premier tells parliament, Barb has been boating around her outback station for months but she's not complaining, Man discovers two highly venomous species battling in his shed, Tens of thousands of pigs and buffalo pegged for mass culls in Kakadu, in bid to curb feral animals. [4] Other theories for their creation include high school students who copied them from their textbooks in the 1970s and a Yugoslavian immigrant with an interest in Egyptology who etched them in the early 1980s. Regardless of who made them, the glyphs hidden deep in the Australia bush are certainly a sight to behold. There is also evidence that ancient Egyptian mummies contain traces of tobacco and cocaine in their DNA. [4], There is a genuine Egyptologist by the name of Ray W. Johnson who works as a "Beaker Credentialed Trainer/Principal Trainer" at the University of Chicago. "There's also a problem with the actual shapes of the signs that are used. Most Egyptologists who have professional experience or formal education in translating Egyptian glyphs have said that the glyphs have quite a few inconsistencies and they have yet to verify or provide a translation, so Johnson likely had to make a few assumptions in order to translate the glyphs.[4]. [10] He, who died before, is here laid to rest. [4], The parallel walls upon which the glyphes are carved, Miscellaneous symbols, including a sphinx and the Eye of Horus, Egyptian God Anubis, the largest carving on the site. According to "Unexplained Mysteries Discussion Forums", "Dr. Hans Dieter Von Senff has a degree in Multicultural Studies from Newcastle University. Theres no way people wouldve been inscribing texts from the time of Cheops from the signs that werent invented until 2500 years later. Unexplained Mysteries Discussion Forums. Professor Ockinga has even said "I'd be the first person who'd welcome some sort of link that because it would make my subject relevant to Australian history," archaeologists want to find new information about our history and culture, especially when it's relevant to their field or personal connections (like being Australian). [11] He is never again to stand beside the waters of the Sacred Mer. Professor Boyo Ockinga says it is likely the engravings were made in the 1920s, when there was widespread interest in ancient Egypt after the discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun. They are encased in a natural paradise, known to be a sacred area, as a meeting place (in separate locations) for both men and women. An ancient rock engraving shows Aboriginals used their advanced knowledge of the stars to hunt and gather. The chamber was aligned with the Western Heavens. 1. The Khemit School Team has visited, documented and completed an in depth study of the now famous Gosford Glyphs located near Kariong, about 60 km north of Sydney, Australia. We all knew that a much more thorough and in-depth examination would be necessary- but, we went ahead and filmed a short video of their findings to present to our hosts. The Khemit School Team has visited, documented and completed an in depth study of the now famous "Gosford Glyphs" located near Kariong, about 60 km north of Sydney, Australia. Tips: Make sure everyone is wearing enclosed shoes, or even better, gum boots its often muddy. She spoke to us of how hard she was working to save this and other sacred areas of Australias Original peoplefrom destruction, vandalism or sale by the government. 2023 Atlas Obscura. > Subscribe to our weekly newsletter> About Us> Contact Us> Terms and Conditions> Privacy Policy, > About Us > Contact Us > Terms and Conditions > Privacy Policy. This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. It is accessible by either the Lyre Trig fire trail across the road from the fire station or Bambara road (gated dirt road) further up. But Professor Ockinga, who first saw the inscriptions 20 years ago, says there are many reasons why they are not accepted as genuine hieroglyphics. A visitor information centre for the Central Coast is located just off the Central Coast Highway, near the entry to the Mount Penang Parklands. 5. The discovery by Dan Collins of an exotic basalt chisel encrusted with olivite crystals, which was found beneath the newly filmed panel of glyphs, is intriguing. Egyptologist debunks new claims about 'Gosford glyphs'. The Kariong Hieroglyphs (or Gosford Glyphs as theyre commonly known) are ancient Egyptian-style carvings in the sandstone walls in Brisbane Water National Park. The rock ceiling above the walls collapsed in 1960 after a bulldozer drove on top, that recent event, along with the liberal application of womens urine to the hieroglyphs, explains why the markings look so new. The Train fare to Gosford Glyphs costs about $2.65 - $9.31. Sources that support the idea that the Glyphs are genuine Egyptian hieroglyphs also generally avoid clarifying that the Australian Ray Johnson is not a scholarly or professional Egyptologist, because they do not want to discredit their claims in any way. Demise Of Cambodian City Angkor Caused By Decline In Occupation And Not Abrupt Collapse. Engraved into two sandstone walls near Kariong (Central Coast NSW) is a set of close to 300 glyphs. The Gosford Hieroglyphs, or "Gosford Glyphs" for short, are a series of strange, deep-cut markings on a rock in Hunter Valley, New South Wales. Like Atlas Obscura and get our latest and greatest stories in your Facebook feed. You and your kids will be able to spot carvings of birds, fish, beetles, people and more. K. (2012, April 21). Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. So either the travelers, who had not planned to dig a grave or mummify any of the crew/passengers aboard their ship, dug an extremely deep hole to bury the mummified remains in, or there is no prince buried there. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. The Gosford Glyphs, also known as Kariong Hieroglyphs, are a group of approximately 300 Egyptian-style hieroglyphs located in Kariong, New South Wales, Australia. until you find a dirt clearing on your left. See. This trail is an easy walk down a wide bush path to access them. Mr Strong says preliminary scans recently carried out on the bone conclude it has the same density as a human bone. These engravings numbering over 300 have the potential to re-write Australian history. This is controversial because if we look at history, these plants were exclusive to the American continent, and not to other parts of the world. (I am sad to report that Auntie Beve passed shortly after we left, in April. Many sources about the Glyphs do not clarify which Ray Johnson when talking about the Glyphs, so any uninformed individual who looks up Ray Johnson may look up the wrong one and believe that the credentials and professional accomplishments they find belong to the Australian Pseudoarchaeologist instead of the American Egyptologist. [3], The glyphs were also added to in the 1980, which is known because of David Lambert, a rock art expert who examined them in 1983. The Gosford Glyphs (also called petroglyphs) are located near Kariong not far from Gosford on the New South Wales Central Coast. The glyphs resemble ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and, although most genuine archaeologists have dismissed the idea that they're over 5000 years old and . Original Elder Aunty Minnie Mace also found, or was led to, another object at the same place and time. [1], Ray Johnson was the primary translator of the glyphs. 2023 All Rights Reserved. The Glyphs have several myths about their origin. Additionally, some of the glyphs came from thousands of years after the Gosford Glyphs were supposedly carved. [20] The three doors of eternity were connected, Source of th translation: Burial site of Lord Nefer-Ti-Ru, by Dr R Jonge. Interestingly, claims that said hieroglyphs are a modern forgery are contested by numerous Egyptologists likeMohamed Ibrahim and Khemit School Co-DirectorYousef Abdel Hakim Awyan(who has studied ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs his entire life) (source). To get your hands on this awesome local know-how, simply subscribe to our newsletter and it'll be emailed straight to you. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Is this our lot from the highest God of the Sacred Mer? Anyway, what is considered perhaps as the most controversial piece of evidence that supports the idea the ancient Egyptians made their way to different continents around the globe, are the so-called Gosford Glyphs, located in Australia. After spending many wonderful moments with both old and new friends in New Zealand and Melbourne, as well as being introduced to much evidence that points toward the possibility of a very ancient connection of Egypt with both New Zealand and Australiawe were ready to explore the site at Gosford. How Did A Major Cooling Event 8,200 Years Ago Affect Hunter-Gatherers? [8] Von Senff also referred to the late Ray Johnson as "Australia's foremost Egyptologist" in the dedication of his book on the Kariong Glyphs, so is is clear he holds a lot of respect for his predecessor. From here it is an easy walk to the glyphs. The glyphs site at Kariong features almost 300 engravings on two sandstone walls, which some believe are an example of an early form of Egyptian writing and have drawn widespread interest over the years. Personally I devided one third of the fruit for the burial service. In a letter they state that one of the park officers caught someone adding cartouches to the wall with a chisel.[5]. For other ideas about what to see in New South Wales, please read some of our other stories. Some symbols of both Old and Middle Kingdom are . "Now these are factual things that we're finding and then I've also been given a metal piece of jewellery that doesn't have iron or lead, it's got a figure of someone kneeling on it and there it is right between the two walls," he said. [7] Plants are withering, Land is dying. Offer available only in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico). We, followers of the divine king KHUFU, mighty one of Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Adzes, we shall not all return. Since then, the hieroglyphs have been claimed by amateur Egyptologists to be authentic script created about 4,500 years ago, by Egyptians who sailed to Australia and engraved their story into the stones after becoming shipwrecked.[5]. Recently discovered artefacts and archaeology, corroborated by testimonials given by Original Elders and Custodians of Lore, stand united in confirming an ancient Egyptian presence and extensive period of contact. Navigate through the small passage in the rocks to the site. We were guided around the surrounding area and saw many more items of interest, including a shaft that seemed to go deeply inside an area underneath one of the sandstone boulders, as well as more hieroglyphic inscriptions! ", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Kariong,_New_South_Wales&oldid=1106750674. [14] We gave egg-yolk from the medicine-chest, and prayed to Amun, the Hidden One, for he was struck twice. [1], Australian Professor of Egyptology Naguib Kanawati has also stated that they are not authentic and that they "were constructed in the early 1980s",[6] concluding that the hieroglyphs within the same panels were of widely different periods and some were carved backwards. The Mt Penang Training School for Boys (later the Mount Penang Juvenile Justice Centre) was opened in 1911. [8] The Sun is pouring down upon our back! The site known as the Gosford Glyphs is a collection of some roughly 300 ancient Egyptian Heiroglyphs carved into a sandstone canyon, near the township of Gosford on the central coast of New South Wales, Australia. Both are master guides of ancient Egypt; Yousef having been trained by his father, and Mohamed being a university trained academic and tour operator. Two Ibis-men engraved into rock, both in profile with the head of an ibis and body of a human, seem to resonate with the same ancient Egyptian theme. [22] Remember with love his nobel spirit. Kariong is considered the entry point to the Central Coast as it borders the Pacific Motorway M1. The "Gosford Glyphs" are located near Kariong, about 60 km north of Sydney, Australia and since their discovery in the 1970s, this set of arguably ancient carvings has achieved widespread notoriety due to their resemblance of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. This Ray Johnson has stated that "those rock inscriptions were clearly not done by any ancient Egyptians", so he, like other Egyptologists doesn't believe that the glyphs are genuine Egyptian hieroglyphs.[4]. Furthermore, The National Parks and Wildlife Service maintains the engravings are not authentic and a professor from Macquarie Universitys Ancient History Department, Boyo Ockinga shares the same views. If you notice something amiss, please email to let us know. Then clasp him, my Brothers Spirit to thy side, O Father of the Earth. The existence of a genuine Egyptologist with the same first and last name, Ray Johnson, may have led to validation to some extent of the translation of the glyphs, whether it was intentional or not on the American Ray Johnson's behalf. These names are given the same personal name and throne name. In conjunction with the release of our fourth Youtube, Egyptians in Australia-Part 4, an ABC Radio series presented by Mary-Louise Vince (Central Coast Radio), a segment on ABC National News (December 10), and under the guidance of Original Elders and advisors, evidence and sites previously unknown or misunderstood will be shared with the general public. A group of amateur researchers has sparked new interest in the site, having found a new, smaller set of hieroglyphs in the area. What Does The Brain Of The Homo Erectus Fossil With The Lowest Cranial Capacity Tell About Evolution? This page was last edited on 26 August 2022, at 07:24. Everyone knows how useful antioxidants are they fight the free radicals that cause aging. Others think they may have been the work of a creative local living in the area, or reflect the Egyptology craze that swept the world following the discovery of Tutankhamuns tomb. There have been several other documented changes to the glyphs, including additional lines being carved into the glyph of Anubis' ears. Her vibrant spirit touched me deeply, and I know that memories of her inspiring legacy of service and achievements will live on in the hearts of many.). [18] We walled in the side entrance to the chamber, with stones from all around. Every weekday we compile our most wondrous stories and deliver them straight to you. Two geoglyphs that are truly unique to North America. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive an email when we add a new story. Just around the corner from the two sandstone walls lies a small opening that descends into a type of chamber about 3 feet high by 10 feet long. "[T]here are many reasons why they are not accepted as genuine hieroglyphics "First of all the way they're cut is not the way ancient Egyptian rock inscriptions are produced, they're very disorganised "There's also a problem with the actual shapes of the signs that are used. They are found in an area known for its Aboriginal petroglyphs, just between Gosford and Woy Woy, within the Brisbane Water National Park. 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